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Accent Chairs

An accent chair can add a certain flair to a room, making it seem more homey or creating a bold statement. When selecting an accent chair for a specific area, keep in mind that it should not only be decorative, but also functional. An accent chair is a reflection of your own personal style, so don`t let anyone pressure you into buying a chair with which you don`t feel comfortable. Although an accent chair is often a focal point in a room, it should still blend in with the rest of the d?cor in the space. With an accent chair, you give the room a certain edge and really add that personal touch.


The first thing you need to do before buying an accent chair, is to assess the space in which you want to place it. A large space may need something bulky to draw attention. An already cluttered room, however, will feel claustrophobic if you add overly large or dramatic accent chairs. Opt for multiple accent chairs if you feel the room justifies it, especially with an open layout that has room for more than one seating area.

Remember that less is sometimes more and a truly exceptional design can be better appreciated on its own. If you already have a big, oversized couch in the room, for instance, you can balance it out with a smaller chair and create an illusion of a bigger space. An armless accent chair could be a great space-saver as well and often doubles the seating options without making the room feel crowded. If you plan on getting a chair with big arms, be sure to measure the space and take a measuring tape with you to ensure the chair you want will fit.


Color will be a big deciding factor when choosing an accent chair. The chair should add to the space in a stylish but charming way. A chair may look great in the shop where it is displayed, but some colors could be just too distracting in the room at home. A room with predominantly white and grey tints could use some sprucing up with a bright accent color, so a brightly colored accent chair would make a great focal point.

Two colorful accent chairs on both sides of an otherwise bland-looking couch is also a great way to add some flair to a room. There are instances, however, where you would want to tone things down a bit using accent chairs. If you have a room that is already filled with bright and bold colors, opt for a chair in a more neutral color to tone things down. This would also help add some warmth to the room.


The size of your accent chair will not only be determined by the space and how much attention you want it to attract, but by the user who intends to sit in it. If you have many tall family members and friends, don`t buy chairs that are low to the ground. Petite people, on the other hand, will dislike chairs that have a very deep seat. If you are going to use the chairs with a table, keep the height of the table in mind.


Where you plan to place your accent chair also determines its style. If you need it for a more formal living room you can choose a chaise lounge to add instant elegance. In a recreational room, you might want to go with a comfortable recliner or a chair that comes with an ottoman. Keep in mind that you might need to move your accent chairs around to accommodate visitors, so it might be wise to choose armchairs that will also work in other rooms of the house.

Source: Dunelm-Mill

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